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(VLC) Aerosol Vinyl & Leather Cleaner Oil of Mink

(VLC) Aerosol Vinyl & Leather Cleaner Oil of Mink

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Vinyl & Leather Cleaner (oil of mink) Aerosol 15oz

  • Softens And Restores All Leather and Vinyl Surfaces
  • Removes Oil, Dirt and Grime
  • Safe for all vinyl & leather surfaces
  • Works Upon Application
  • Cleaner and protectant all in one

Vinyl Leather Cleaner softens, cleans and restores all leather and vinyl surfaces removing dirt, oil and grime. Now, you can effectively and safely remove stains in your leather and vinyl with the convenience of a can. Vinyl & Leather Cleaner is great to take on road trips to wipe up any spills that might occur. Vinyl & Leather Cleaner is both a cleaner and protectant in one. This Leather & Vinyl Cleaner works upon application and will save you time, while restoring the new leather feel and color.

Directions: Spray leather cleaner directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Rub in thoroughly with a damp cloth. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. (VLC)

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