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(K-1006) Automotive Ultimate Interior Package 16oz

(K-1006) Automotive Ultimate Interior Package 16oz

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The Ultimate Detail Package Auto Interior. This car care kit includes Concentrated Glass Cleaner, which is formulated to do the jobs other glass cleaners can't do. Use indoors on windows plated with oily film, water spots and cigarette smoke. This is a very strong glass cleaner cleaning windows streak free. Next use Interior Shine to protect leather, vinyl, and trim and bring them back to life. Interior Shine leaves behind a pleasant scent. This unique product is a favorite of professional auto detailers and dealerships. Next, we include Dry Foam, a high foam concentrates with a fresh clean aroma for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Dry Foam is easy to use, and the results are amazing. To make your vehicle smell as good as it looks, we include New Car Scent. New Car Scent is a pleasant fragrance for your automobile's interior. This car air freshener knocks out offensive odors, making your car smell new again! Interior Shine is used to conditions all vinyl surfaces. Dry Foam is used to clean all fabric surfaces including seats, headliners, and carpets. Concentrated Glass Cleaner is used to clean all glass surfaces including windows and mirrors. This product is safe for tinted windows. New Car Scent can be sprayed in the vents and on carpets. SKU (K-1006)

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