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(SR-1) Carpet Stain Spot Remover

(SR-1) Carpet Stain Spot Remover

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Carpet Stain Spot Remover

  • Removes blood, coffee, dirt, wine, ink and much more
  • Quickly Penetrates for fast removal
  • Non-foaming
  • very concentrated
  • Aerosol spray 18oz

Carpet Spot Remover is a fast-acting carpet spot cleaner enhanced with surfactants and wetting agents that immediately removes most carpet stains to include DIRT, COFFEE, GREASE, COLA, WINE, INK, LIPSTICK, BLOOD AND URINE! Carpet Spot Remover provides a forceful spray and non-foaming formula which quickly penetrates for fast carpet spot removal. This unique concentrated stain removal product is used by professional auto detailers on all types of carpets of new and used cars.

Shake well before using. (SR-1)

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