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(K-1032) Carpet Cleaning Spot Remover Kit

(K-1032) Carpet Cleaning Spot Remover Kit

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Carpet Cleaning Spot Remover Kit Includes: Dry Foam, Spot Remover, Carpet Brush, Microfiber Towels. This kit includes Dry Foam carpet cleaner. No water is needed for activation. Dry Foam removes carpet stains upon application and makes cleaning carpets easy. Use Carpet Brush to scrub dirt and grime from carpets. Spot Remover can be used for those hard to remove carpet stains like dirt, coffee, grease, wine, ink, lipstick, blood and urine. Shake well, remove cap and spray carpet spot remover evenly over stain to be cleaned. Pat dry with Microfiber Towels Directions: Spray Dry Foam carpet cleaner on desired area to be cleaned. Lightly brush area sprayed. Wipe clean with a dry microfiber towel. You will be amazed how clean your carpets will be. The only thing left behind is a pleasant scent to go with your clean interior carpets. Instructions for Carpet Cleaning Spot Remover Kit: After vacuuming, use Dry Foam carpet and upholstery cleaner with the carpet cleaning brush to clean any dirt on your seats and carpets. (K-1032)

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