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(E-851-4) Bubble Gum Car Scent

(E-851-4) Bubble Gum Car Scent

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  • Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener
  • Long-lasting bubble-gum scent
  • Safe for all cars, trucks and SUV's interior
  • Works instantly upon application
  • Water base scent
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Bubble Gum Car Scent includes sprayer for easy even application

Introducing Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener, the newest and most unique scent for your car's interior. With its delicious bubble gum aroma, this one-of-a-kind car fragrance will take your vehicle from blah to wow in no time!

Stop using generic car smells that everyone else has – get creative and choose Bubble Gum Car freshener today. Our scent will have friends and family wanting to ride with you wherever you go!

You are sure to love the unique aroma that Bubble Gum Car Scent offers. Not only does it smell amazing, but our one-of-a-kind scent offers up to five times more lasting power than competitive brands. Just apply every now and then and enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Bubble Gum Car Scent today and give your car the upgrade it needs with a delicious interior smell! (E-851-4)

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