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(E-820-4) Bama Breeze Scent Oil Based Car Scent

(E-820-4) Bama Breeze Scent Oil Based Car Scent

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  • Bama Breeze Car Air Freshener
  • Cool refreshing fresh air smell 
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Safe for all cars, trucks and SUVs interiors
  • Oil based
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Bama Breeze oil-based Scent includes 4oz glass bottle and trigger sprayer cap

Ready to get rid of unpleasant car odors and enjoy a pleasant aroma while you drive? Check out Bama Breeze Car Air Freshener! This high-quality air freshener is designed with your comfort in mind. Its oil-based formula dispenses long-lasting scent that immediately obliterates bad odors and leaves behind a delightfully fresh scent.

With Bama Breeze, you can make sure that the interior of your car always looks, smells and feels clean and inviting. You don’t have to worry about lingering odors—this air freshener is strong enough to eradicate them for good. Plus, the unique signature fragrance is sure to evoke happy memories every time you step foot into your car.

Our customers love how easy it is to use - just apply a couple squirts under the drive seat and let its effects take over! Get rid of musty smells from last weekend's beach trips, cigarette smoke from ages ago, or fast-food aromas without lifting a finger. (E-820-4)

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