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(E-816-4) Alpha Frost Oil Based Car Scent

(E-816-4) Alpha Frost Oil Based Car Scent

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  • Alpha Frost Car Air Freshener
  • Powerful fresh smell with one application
  • Eliminates cannabis, smoke and mildew smells
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Safe for all cars, trucks and SUVs interiors
  • Oil based
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Alpha Frost includes 4oz bottle and trigger sprayer cap

Are you looking for an air freshener that’s strong enough to knock out offensive odors but still leaves your car interior smelling fresh and inviting? Look no further than Alpha Frost Oil Based Scent. Alpha Frost takes care of bad odors while leaving a bold scent behind. It's the perfect way to make sure your car smells fresh, inviting and never stale. Plus, the long-lasting formula keeps your car smelling great no matter how long your drive! So, if you're looking for a reliable car scent that can keep up with your life, try Alpha Frost today! (E-816-4)

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