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(E-810-4) Passion Fruit Oil Based Car Scent

(E-810-4) Passion Fruit Oil Based Car Scent

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  • Passion Fruit Car Air Freshener
  • Fresh, sweet citrus smell with one application
  • Eliminates cannabis, smoke and mildew smells
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Safe for all cars, trucks and SUVs interiors
  • Oil-based
  • Made in USA
  • Lane's Passion Fruit includes 4oz glass bottle and trigger cap sprayer

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind car scent that will turn heads? Look no further than our Passion Fruit Car Air Freshener. This air freshener will not only make your passengers want to take a deep breath, but it'll also make them wonder what delightful scent of passion fruit is in the air. Make a statement about your taste and sophistication knowing that you’re embracing the unique scent of passion fruit.

This oil-based car scent is long lasting and offers superior protection against unpleasant odors related to smoke, cannabis and mildew. You can have complete assurance that this high-quality product will provide you with long-lasting freshness depending on its usage and exposure to other outside factors.

Treat yourself and your ride with something special: our Passion Fruit Oil Based Car Scent! With its wonderful smell, amazing longevity, and captivating design; this air freshener will help transform your driving experience from mundane to magnificence when it comes to neutralizing odors in your vehicle. So why wait? Spruce up your ride today! (E-810-4)

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