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(E-419) Liquid Leather Conditioner

(E-419) Liquid Leather Conditioner

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Take care of your car's leather seats with Lane’s Leather Conditioner. With one easy application, you can give your car the royal treatment and preserve the luxurious feel of your car’s leather upholstery for years to come. Our leather conditioner is uniquely formulated to provide superior protection against UV rays, cracking, fading and aging — so there's no need to worry about damage caused by environmental elements. It also quickly absorbs into the leather pores, ensuring that it transforms your leather into a soft, supple surface while enhancing its flexible characteristics. With these amazing benefits, Lane’s Leather Conditioner is the premium choice for preserving and protecting every aspect of your prized possession. So don’t hesitate - upgrade your ride and keep that fresh leather aroma with Lane’s Leather Conditioner! (E-419)

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