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(E-409) Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner

(E-409) Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner

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  • Auto vinyl conditioner 
  • Ultimate UV protection
  • Prevents fading and cracking
  • Silicone Free 
  • Pleasant smell 
  • Lane's Interior Shine includes a flip top lid for easy even application

Are you looking for a way to restore the interior of your car and protect it from future damage? Look no further than Lane's Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner! Our easy-to-apply conditioner guards against discoloration and cracking caused by harsh sunlight. Don't worry about a greasy, oily residue; this product goes on smooth, reducing discoloration and restoring your interior to its original brilliance.

If you're tired of fading dashboards or cracked vinyl seats in your car, Interior Shine is just what you need. The product offers UV protection against the sun's rays, plus it is simple to apply – just wipe on and wipe excess off. No more messy jobs created by products sold at retail stores! And with this powerful conditioning formula, you can maintain cleanliness and prevent future damage for years to come. (E-409)

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