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(E-136) Citrus Peel Cleaner

(E-136) Citrus Peel Cleaner

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Citrus Peel Cleaner Professional grade citrus formula multi-purpose cleaner Safe for carpets, vinyl, upholstery and plastics Used by auto detailers and car dealerships. Made in USA, Citrus Peel includes sprayer for easy even application. Citrus Peel is a car fanatics dream product. This professional strength multi-purpose cleaner knocks out dirt, grease and grime residue upon application. This is the perfect cleaning product when it comes to interior and exterior detailing. Auto detailers and car dealerships call this their go to product when it comes to tackling tough cleaning jobs. This powerful formula safely and effectively cleans every part of the car, leaving nothing behind but a pleasant citrus smell. If you want to save time and have a product that, does it all, Citrus Peel is the product of choice. Pick up a bottle today and see why professional detailers call this their go to product for tough cleaning jobs! (E-136)

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