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Lock Out Kit For Car Doors

Lock Out Kit For Car Doors

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Full Professional Automotive Tool Kit

Special Features: Automotive Auto Trim Clips Fasteners Removal Tool Set for Car Trucks

Material Type: alloy steel + TPU (inflatable bag material) + plastic


【High quality, upgraded car kit】: Made of impacted resistant nylon fiber material with matte surface treatment.robust and oxidation resistance, not easy to bend.Great for multiple jobs and applications like precise alignment and leveling.

【High Quality Air Wedge Bag】: Rounded corners, stiff durable edges, smooth exterior for easier insertion to resist greater strain.includes 2 air wedge bags.Simple tools using a simple squeeze pump and precise drain valve can help you lift and lower for perfect alignment.

【Simple operation, multi-function Automotive Tool Kit】: Easy tools using simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve helps you raise and lower to perfect alignments.

【Emergency Response Car Kit Tool】: Flexible long tools,7 different car trim removal kits + 1 fastener remover.The kit tools are used together so you can easily carry out using them


Material: Stainless steel,TPU,plastic

Color: as shown

Size:as shown

Patterned non-slip double-ended chamfered nut .No screw teeth . easy to screw in.
The wrench is just easy to remove.
CNC machine standard slot.
The rubber-coated handle and tail hook adopt high-temperature coating process .the scratch-resistant car will not hurt the hand or the car . the thread is clear,and the link rod is seamless.
Bleed valve
Built-in hard-chip , great endurance

2 small wrenches for easy removal / 4 embossed non-slip nuts
CNC Machine Milling Standard Slots

CNC machine tool milling overall flat standard
The wrench we match is a 2mm thick steel sheet and the CNC machine we use is used to mill the groove,the groove surface is smooth . the overall fatness standard overall error does not exceed 0.5mm,smooth and beautiful.
Our hook heads all have car round technology , which can better ensure that the front head is round and does not damage the vehicle. the stainless steel has strong wear resistance and the surface is bright and smooth.
The standard card slot has no gaps and scientifically designed embossing and anti-skid technology . This is a double-ended chamfering of the nut , and the ink rod also has chamfering , which is easy to insert without jamming.
The tail rod and handle are made of high-temperature rubber coating process,which is not degummed,scratch-resistant,does not hurt the car,does not hurt the car,and is comfortable to hold.

Grip / Whole / Hook
Total length of four sections :
67 Inches


/Handle/  /Superlength/  /Keyhole/

Car door / Car wheel / Furniture / Window

Effeciently solve the Issue of Grabber Coming Loose

Operating procedures
1.Wedge Pry a gap
2.Inssrt air bag and innate it with Manual pump
3.Gentally insert the tool through the gap
4.Fetch the object or for other purposes

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