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(K-1004) Automotive Tar & Bug Remover Kit 16oz

(K-1004) Automotive Tar & Bug Remover Kit 16oz

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Bug Remover Kit package contains one of each of Lane's Bug Away and Lane's Citrus Degreaser & Tar Remover. Lane's Citrus Degreaser & Tar Remover is a heavy concentrated solvent mixture with a citrus fragrance for removal of tar, asphalt and road debris on the exterior painted surface. Bug Away is a heavy concentrated cleaner for that hard to remove bug residue. This is a very powerful kit that will definitely help preserve the exterior of your vehicle. Both of these professional products are safe for all painted surfaces. This kit will save you time, while helping to preserve your cars finish along with way. Use Bug Away as a pre-treatment to loosen bugs and bird droppings before washing. SKU (K-1004)

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