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(K-1007) Automotive Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit 16oz

(K-1007) Automotive Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit 16oz

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This Tire & Wheel Care Kit starts with Black White Tire Cleaner, the most concentrated bleach cleaner that attacks dirt and grime that has developed on the tire. This powerful cleaner makes cleaning all tires easy, even white lettering and whitewall tires. Next use Super Blue Tire Gloss, the most durable tire shine on the professional market today. Super Blue will provide a fast dry, long lasting protective shine that will last for weeks. Next, we include Safe Wheel. This non-acidic wheel cleaner is safe for cleaning all wheels. Safe Wheel will make your wheels stand out, cleaning chrome and aluminum wheels safely. Finally, in this great tire and wheel car care kit we include New Aluminum, the hottest wheel cleaner on the market today. There is no other aluminum wheel cleaner that has the strength of New Aluminum on the professional market. If you want to protect your tires and wheels this universal package is just what you need. Use Safe Wheel chrome wheel cleaner to clean chrome, polished, painted, and powder coated wheels. Use Black White Tire Cleaner to completely remove all dirt and grime from your tires. Use Super Blue Tire Shine to dress your tires after cleaning and drying. SKU (K-1007)

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