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(K-1015) Automotive Car Wash Soap & Gold Edition Best Car Wax Kit-16oz

(K-1015) Automotive Car Wash Soap & Gold Edition Best Car Wax Kit-16oz

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Wash & Shine is the most concentrated car wash soap on the auto detailing market today. This car wash soap is self-drying and leaves no streaks. Your car will look like you spent hours waxing to get the end result, a beautiful car wash soap finish. Wash & Shine car wash soap is great for big SUVs that require a lot of extra drying after you wash. A little car wash soap goes a long way. Wash & Shine combines a heavy concentrate of soap and wax. Gold Edition, our best car wax, is used by professional auto detailers and auto dealerships. Gold Edition is the best car wax, designed for the real car enthusiast. Gold Edition, a superior finishing car wax, is easy to apply and remove. Gold Edition, our best car wax, can be used on all colors and is clear coat safe. The results are phenomenal which makes Gold Edition the best car wax on the professional auto detailing market. You can achieve professional results while using this finishing car wax. You do not have to worry about waxy residue because there will not be any left behind like other brands in retail stores. SKU-(K-1015)

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