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(K-1018) Automotive Car Wash Soap, Chamois & Wash Mitt Kit-16oz

(K-1018) Automotive Car Wash Soap, Chamois & Wash Mitt Kit-16oz

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This professional car wash kit will provide that just waxed look after every wash. This kit combines three essential car wash products that will make your car or truck look its best. Wash & Shine is the most concentrated car wash soap on the auto detailing market today. This car wash soap is self-drying and leaves no streaks. Your car will look like you spent hours waxing to get the end result, a beautiful car wash soap finish. Wash & Shine car wash soap is great for big SUVs that require a lot of extra drying after you wash. A little car wash soap goes a long way. Wash & Shine combines a heavy concentrate of soap and wax. The Microfiber Wash Mitt provides a safe, effective way to wash your car or truck paint. The microfiber wash mitt is pure quality, which will not leave swirl marks or fine scratches in your clear coat paint. The Microfiber Wash Mitt is used by professional auto detailers and car fanatics that pay close attention to small detail. Washing your car is the first step in the exterior detail process and using the microfiber wash mitt will make this step safe. Car Chamois is an exclusive, proven, PVA material that gently cleans, and dries, fine finished surfaces. Car Chamois actually absorbs dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving it clean and dry. It is not affected by mildew, bacteria, or common household chemicals. It is used in place of a sponge or towel, and when wet, can be used immediately upon removal from its package. SKU (K-1018)

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